Why you can trust tape for data storage and protection

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Why you can trust tape for data storage and protection

Choosing technologies is all about finding the combination of strengths that target and solve your business problems. Every technology has its plusses and minuses. In some cases, your decision comes down to trust. Which technology can you rely on every day? Which will stand the test of time? Which offers a balance of cost and reward? Tape has been around for a while and businesses across the UK trust it to back up their archive data. Investing in tape as part of your data management programme can make perfect sense.

  •  Longevity

Tape has been used for a long time. But no matter how you store your data, when new technologies emerge, your data will have to be moved. Generally, tape data storage lasts around ten years. Disk storage requires a data migration around every three to five years. And migrating petabytes of data takes time and money. So the less frequently you need to do it, the better. Tape answers the need for a stable and reliable method of storing large amounts of data.

  • Security

Like all physical storage options, tape can be removed. That’s always been the case and the reason why most tapes are encrypted and have been for a while. In most cases, tape encryption is built into the tape drive and runs at both read and write speeds. If your tape is encrypted, your data cannot simply be removed or downloaded. If someone takes your encrypted tapes, they won’t be able to use them.

  • Practicality

Tapes have no moving parts. They are a simple, stackable, transportable and storable option for storing and preserving data. If you drop a hard drive, you may damage it and be unable to recover the data stored on it. If the same happens to a box of tapes, you can just pick them up and put them away. Tape is tangible, easy to catalogue and gives you the assurance of knowing where you can find your data.

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