The role of business continuity planning in your data strategy

By: In: Data Backup & Archiving On: Aug 06, 2014
The role of business continuity planning in your data strategy

Business systems and the data they contain are critical to your organisation’s day-to-day activities. Access to the systems and data can be vital if you experience a disruptive event that requires you to evoke your business continuity plans.

Business continuity planning should improve business procedures and practices and increase resilience to interruption and loss. If you’re going to counteract a disruption from a major or minor incident you need to be able to make informed decisions and have access to business information. The business continuity strategy that’s right for one business may not work so well for another. However, there are guideposts to help make your planning successful:

Proactive – don’t wait for your organisation to be experiencing a major incident, think about how you respond beforehand.

Resourcing – can you ensure your back-ups will arrive when you need them and have the staff to work with?

Efficiency – Yes , impact costs can be high, but ensure cost benefit analysis on each of your planned controls.

Value adding – Consider financial, societal, corporate and social

Essential services – Know who and what needs to be deployed and  when.

Normalisation – The goal here is to get back to BaU in the shortest time possible.

Time focused – Realistic goals to achieve normalisation

Information management – Not just for the incident and investigation, but ensuring the business can still access critical files.

Top management led – Support from the board is crucial

The right data strategy will help ‘PREVENT IT’, allowing the right levels of access to systems and information in the case of an emergency can make the difference to your business and your customers.

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