Take it to the top: three reasons your business should digitise.

By: In: Document Management On: Nov 17, 2014
Take it to the top: three reasons your business should digitise.

Getting business processes right can increase efficiency and productivity. Paper can be part of the problem; it’s easy to mislay, bulky to store and difficult to share. Intelligent scanning can help you process and manage information rapidly and accurately. To present a successful business case for digitising that will make senior decision makers act, you’ll need to base your arguments on powerful research-based insights.

Reason one: digitising can speed up customer service and keep your customers happy. Only 30.2% of the businesses we surveyed can acess past customer interactions stored on paper (Opinion Matters and Iron Mountain Paper Light research, 2014). But the same research also indicates that being passed from person to person while dealing with a request is the biggest source of frustration for customers. Scanning can help to ensure that information is stored safely and available immediately.

Reason two:paper is a drain on your resources and your people.

People in document or information roles can spend up to 35% of their time searching for

information (AIIM Market Intelligence 2013). As the amount of information entering your businesses increases, the more potential there will be for confusion and mismanagement. Digitising will not only help your business become more efficient, it will help you to become more productive in the future.

Reason three: digitising can pay for itself.

The savings you can gain from imaging and data capture deisgned to enable and increase automation are striking. Two-thirds of those adopting paper-free processes report a payback within 18 months. And 50% see payback in a single 12-month budgeting period (Winning the Paper Wars, Capture the Content and Mobilize the Process Troops 2013 AIIM)


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