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By: In: Corporate Information Responsibility On: Feb 27, 2014

You know records management is a critical part of your business’ future. But how do you put your case to decision makers? When there’s competition for resources coming from every direction, it’s essential to plan your arguments and clarify the strategic business value good records management can deliver.

  • Be clear about the kind of information you have

Do your research and determine what kind of data your organisation holds. Look at the formats its in, and consider what geographies your records originate in.

  • Develop systems that benefit people

We all look for ways to make our jobs easier and more efficient. Easy access and document version control are just two ways that  records management can help people work more effectively. If possible, find ways to integrate new processes into existing systems.

  • Get buy in from business leaders

Be your own marketing department and present clear commercial arguments for records management. A detailed explanation of why it brings value and limits risk will help you win stakeholders over to your cause.


To find our more about making the case for records management, see our webinar, Mastering Global Records Management.  Or, find out more about our records management service

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