Three good reasons for investing in global records management

By: In: Information Integration On: Feb 27, 2014

The information your business generates is increasing in volume and velocity. The challenge is to turn this fast-growing supply into assets that the business can use – whether you’re operating in Europe or further afield. Each email, document, hard copy, file and completed form contains information that can add value to your organisation. So what are the advantages of effective global records management?

Unstructured data becomes usable. So much of our information is created without the structures that would make it easier to categorise and store. A strong records management system allows you to connect unstructured data like emails to projects or, giving the information context and relevancy.

Global retention is managed. Centralised records management lets you trigger a retention schedule so that documents can be retained or destroyed according to relevant legislation. But what happens if the timeline varies by country? What if, for example, you are obliged to hold the information for five years in one country but for 10 in another? A global approach to records management lets you assign a nationality to a document and manage the retention schedule by country so that there’s less risk of destroying the document too soon or retaining it for longer than is legally required.

Information becomes a wider responsibility. People and processes are essential to records management. Integrating records management with IT and the way your people work can help ensure your records are managed consistently.

To find out more about why investing in global records management is vital to your business, watch our webinar Mastering Global Records Management.

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