Announcing our new Secure IT Asset Disposition Solution

By: In: IT Equipment Destruction On: Nov 16, 2015
Announcing our new Secure IT Asset Disposition Solution

If you asked me two years ago whether Iron Mountain should join Europe’s long list of IT asset disposition providers, I would have replied with a quizzical look. Truthfully, it’s not something I thought about. But today that’s changed. Iron Mountain Secure IT Asset Disposition (SITAD) will combine Iron Mountain’s security, processes and global reach with our new partner CloudBlue’s ability to track assets across the entire disposition process.

Let’s backtrack to where I was a few months ago. After talking to several customers, I realised Iron Mountain had good reason to enter the ITAD marketplace. The market is large and well-developed, but it’s also very immature. There are e-waste horror stories across the Internet signalling lapses in security.

The environment is also a concern. European Commission and U.N. studies show that West Africa is becoming a dumping site for e-waste from various parts of the world (including the UK). This problem is compounded by the fact that most African countries do not have e-waste recycling facilities. This lack of facilities results in the careless disposal of IT assets, which can harm the local population.

Responsible disposition

Today only 33% of e-waste in the UK (£66m) is recycled through recognised schemes. EU targets for WEEE—which drive our local legislation—have been updated to deliver a target of 85% percent by 2019. (Recognised schemes are those delivered to ISO, WEEE, e-Stewards and the like).

So, why Iron Mountain? Four reasons.

Confidence: Our secure chain of custody ensures your assets are protected, tracked and traceable throughout their journey.

Visibility: Online portals give you full visibility as to their status, whereabouts and data destruction once the process is complete.

Transparency: You can report on how much carbon offset you have achieved using Environmental Protection Agency calculations.

Security: Data is destroyed permanently and defensibly, providing peace of mind that it cannot be intercepted, interrogated or stolen. This removes the risk of penalties and fines from EU privacy laws.

To learn more about our new programme, visit today, or contact sales directly.

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