How is the public sector responding to records and information management challenges?

By: In: Information Management On: Feb 27, 2015
How is the public sector responding to records and information management challenges?

Records and information management in the UK’s public sector is going through a period of profound and far-reaching change. Several factors are contributing to the change:

  • Changing technology.
  • An increasingly digital population.
  • Demands for greater transparency and easier access to information.
  • A need for accountability and compliance.
  • The 20-year rule.
  • A need to reduce cost and improve efficiency.
  • The impact of growing data volumes and ever-increasing security threats.
  • The need to shrink the size of its vast estate of legacy archives.

A leaner future

It’s a fast-changing and complex information environment as the UK’s public sector organisations transform themselves into leaner, more customer-centric and increasingly digital entities. As a consequence there are significant challenges to the management of public sector information.

Last year, we interviewed many of the people responsible for information governance in the UK’s public sector. In particular, we spoke to those who are responsible for managing records and information through the current period of change. More than three in four of respondents to our survey rated their information management practices as efficient or very efficient.

Take a look at some of the research results, presented here in this infographic.

Savings across the board

Despite challenges, the transformation is successfully delivering improved public access to information, a significant reduction in the size and cost of the public sector estate and the widespread adoption of more flexible working practices.

If you look at the cost savings delivered by bringing services online, the results are impressive. The flagship website saved £42 million in government spending within a year of its launch in 2012.

The exemplar services coming online this year will support:

  • More than a million applying for student loans
  • 46 million registering to vote
  • 10 million self-assessing their tax
  • 6 million accessing their driving records

Wills online

A project that we have been involved recently was the launch of the online service to order copies of wills and letters of probate. The website was searched six million times in the weeks following its launch.

Visit GOV.UK and search for a soldier’s will.

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