What are your plans for World Paper Free Day?

By: In: World Paper Free Day On: Nov 04, 2015
What are your plans for World Paper Free Day?


Why Your Business Should get Ready for November 6

Despite the clean minimalist images of office life that grace the pages of architectural and business magazines, the reality for many is that paper retains a strangle-hold not only on their desks, but also on the way they do their jobs. The 1970s dream of the paperless office has not materialised.

How many of people in your organisation work more slowly because of paper? How many  processes are clogged by paper? How many customers have you lost because they were kept waiting or their paper trail was lost? World Paper Free Day on November 6th is more than just a nice-to-have for  companies; it’s a necessity.

Paper-free progress

Initially, the paperless office was driven by the need to save office space and improve records retrieval. However, in the past ten years the focus has shifted towards removing paper from business processes in order to improve productivity, accessibility and compliance. Here scanning items such as inbound mail, records digitising and records scanning all have a key role to play.

So what are the benefits of moving away from paper processes towards digitising? Top of the list is faster customer response, followed by improved productivity and cleaner audit trails for regulatory compliance. Additional benefits include better monitoring and visibility of the process workflow, and fewer errors in the process.

Then there are the financial benefits. More than half of users embarking on digitising projects achieve payback in 12 months or less (a single budget cycle). And more than three-quarters were in positive territory within 18 months or less.

Business imperatives

Despite the widespread acceptance that reducing and removing paper is a best practice, there is still a striking difference between the best performers and the laggards. On the one side we see clear desks, mobile capture, electronic archives and automated workflows; on the other piles of paper, post bags and delivery vans, together with forms-based processes and warehouses full of boxes. Organisations falling into the second category need to ask themselves how long they can remain competitive in today’s fast paced digital environment without taking a long hard look at their information systems.

In our next blog, timed to coincide with World Paper Free Day, we’ll be looking at some of practical steps your business can take towards the paper-free office.

Don’t forget to follow #WPFD and tweet a picture of your desk – whether it’s free of paper of covered in piles of it.

If you’re ready to find out how much your organisation can save with a paper-free office, visit our digitising calculator.

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