NextGen InfoPro, Part Two

By: In: Information Management On: Jun 17, 2016
NextGen InfoPro, Part Two

The skills today’s information professionals have


The skills tomorrow’s organisations want

In our last blog we looked at the expectations organisations are increasingly going to have of the new breed of information professional, what people are referring to as the NextGen InfoPro. We now turn our attention towards those aspiring to such a role, and the skills they will need to fulfil it successfully.

Hard Skills

In a recent report, information professionals cited strengths in content and records management, BPM, taxonomies, and other fields in which they have been involved for years. However, they also admitted to lacking confidence in data analytics, security, risk, privacy and social/mobile usage. These are all areas organisations have identified as critical for the future.

The weakest areas are in predictive analytics and social and mobile integration, a growing concern for many organisations. The message for the would be NextGen InfoPro is loud and clear – enhance your skills in these job-affirming areas.

Soft Skills

When it comes to softer skills, information professionals see innovative thinking and relationship management as key strengths. These will remain critical as information professionals continue to serve as facilitators between disparate business functions from operational business units, legal and discovery to compliance, risk and vendor management.

The weakest area is C-level communication. This is perhaps not surprising as many people have little occasion to present to “higher-ups” and may be uncomfortable doing so. Corporate communications also scores low, possibly due to the lack of practice in crafting official messages. Gaining experience and proficiency in these fields are two ways in which NextGen InfoPros can really make themselves stand out.

In our final blog in this series on the NextGen InfoPro we look at the practical steps you can take to gain the skills sets you need to remain relevant in this changing information landscape.

All findings are taken from an international survey carried out in May 2015 by AIIM of members working in companies of all sizes, across all industry sectors. This blog draws upon the White Paper “What will it take to be a NextGen InfoPro?” written by Bob Larrivee. A free download of the report is available at
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