The NextGen InfoPro: Part Three

By: In: Information Management On: Jun 29, 2016
The NextGen InfoPro: Part Three

Steps You Can Take to Gain the Skills you Need for the New Information Landscape

In the first two blogs in this series on the NextGen InfoPro, we identified what organisations will expect of their information professionals over the next three to five years, and how those in the information management community feel their current skills stack up against these demands. In this final post on the subject, we identify steps information professionals can take to gain those critical skills.

Consider taking the following steps:

  • Assess your internal expertise and identify and fill the gaps.
  • Seek out subject matter experts in your industry, professional associations, and vendor communities to serve as a mentor and resource.
  • Identify new or emerging technologies and assess how they will enhance your operations.
  • Assess the needs and requirements to fully support the mobile workforce.
  • Campaign for a change in job title away from “Records Manager” to “Information Manager”, “Knowledge Manager” or “Director of Information Governance and Exploitation.”
  • Engage with your organisation and demonstrate the value you provide.
  • Position yourself to take a primary role in forming your organisation’s information management strategy.

As a NextGen InfoPro, you must learn about and formulate your views on various information management and governance topics like data analytics and how your organisation must balance risk-related requirements with the broader usage of data for competitive advantage.

Indications are that business leaders do not fully understand the true and complete role of information management, that they focus primarily on technology. Likewise, records and information managers face similar challenges in understanding the business needs of the organisation and what is expected of them in relation to meeting and supporting those requirements.

Thriving in the New Information Landscape

Those who are going to thrive in this new information landscape must expand their capabilities, vision and knowledge to become recognised subject matter experts within their organizations and in the information management industry. People, processes, technology and governance are all areas the successful NextGen InfoPro will be able to address, direct and drive forward.

All findings are taken from an international survey carried out in May 2015 by AIIM of members working in companies of all sizes, across all industry sectors. This blog draws upon the White Paper “What will it take to be a NextGen InfoPro?” written by Bob Larrivee.  A free download of the report is available at
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