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Christian Toon is a former Iron Mountain employee who now works closely with our business within his new role: Senior Cyber Security Expert at PwC UK. Christian's thought leadership in this space is well-acknowledged across the industry.

Christian has obtained numerous industry specific and recognised qualifications, he is a qualified Prince2 Practitioner and ISO IEC 27001:2005 Lead Auditor as well as holding auditing qualifications with ISO 9001, ISO 18001 and 14001. Christian has also completed all the Information Assurance Levels from the National School of Government. Christian's application to the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) is currently under review along with a potential application to further his development with an Masters in Information Security.
Emerging trends in information management: closing the gap between risk and value

The way businesses manage their information is changing. For a long time, the focus has been on securing information, keeping it safe from external and internal threats. That’s not to say that businesses always got it right – many a newspaper headline bears testimony to information security shortcomings in organisations […]

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The role of business continuity planning in your data strategy

Business systems and the data they contain are critical to your organisation’s day-to-day activities. Access to the systems and data can be vital if you experience a disruptive event that requires you to evoke your business continuity plans. Business continuity planning should improve business procedures and practices and increase resilience to interruption […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Businesses struggle to use information for competitive advantage

In conjunction with PwC, we’ve just published the third annual mid-market information risk management report. It forms part of this year’s Information Risk Maturity Index. For the first time, the report not only looks at mid-market (250 -2,500 employees) European firms, but also at firms from North America. In addition, we’ve extended the scope of our research to include enterprise businesses (over 2,500 employees) in Europe and North America. This research will be published later this summer. In the meantime, you can read an introduction to our findings for mid-market and enterprise-level companies when you visit our website. Some of the main findings from this year’s research are highlighted in this infographic (click the image to see a larger version).

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PwC and Iron Mountain: the 2014 mid-market information risk index

Can businesses manage information risk and capitalise on the value of their information? Iron Mountain in conjunction with PwC has just published the figures for the third annual Information Risk Maturity Index. This year, the mid-market report involves 1,800 organisations located in Europe and, for the first time, North America. […]

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The IT director’s perspective: managing data compliance

Data compliance is complex. It requires IT directors and other information experts to understand and apply relevant legislation for  data protection, IT security and  sector-specific regulations – no easy task in rapidly evolving environment. To stay compliant, businesses should look at data protection not just as a cost, but as an investment in […]

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