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John Sharpe is Director of Product Management for Iron Mountain’s Data Management business. In this role, he is responsible for developing and implementing strategies for backup, disaster recovery, and archiving. Creating new offerings that will allow our customers to extract more value from their media, whether new or archival, is central to Mr. Sharpe’s work. His primary overall objective is to ensure that Iron Mountain is a trusted information partner for our customers – and much more than a storage vendor. Mr. Sharpe has over 15 years of experience in engineering, corporate strategy, and product management. He holds a BA in computer science from Boston College and an MBA in finance from Yale.
A Virus Backup Plan: Responding When the Worst Happens

Extortion. Ransom. Cyber criminals. No, this isn’t a description of the latest best-seller. For many, however, it could be the start of a very bad day at the office. Unless, that is, you have a virus backup plan in place beforehand. What happens to turn an average day into a […]

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How to Reduce Data Management Costs- Part Two

In my last blog, I looked at some of the data management costs businesses face. Here are a few more hidden costs that go beyond primary storage expenses. Seeing Double: The Soft Costs of Dirty Data Hard dollar costs are one thing, but the soft costs of managing data are […]

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How to Reduce Data Management Costs: Part One

Instead of talking about the traditional costs of data management, what if the discussion became broader and more holistic? In the age of Big Data, IT professionals and CIOs are increasingly tasked with taking more comprehensive views of their organisations’ data. This requires them to evaluate not just the buy-in costs […]

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6 Bad Habits of Data Management

As an IT professional, you’re probably guilty of at least one or two transgressions when it comes to managing your company’s data. But can any single bad habit cause a company irreparable harm? Unfortunately, yes. At the very least, they can cost your organisation time and money. Here are six bad habits of data […]

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Legal/ IT Disconnect: Archiving, Retention and Restoration

Legal and IT departments are divided on many issues, and archiving and data restoration are no exception. In a recent study with IDC, ‘Managing the Data Archive: Are IT and Lines of Business at Odds with Legal and Compliance?’ we found that most companies maintain at least six data archives […]

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