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John Woolley John Woolley
Head of Technical Sales at Iron Mountain

John is a sales and marketing leader with over 20 years of experience within the IT industry. For the last 10 years, John has been an evangelist for data centre virtualization and data management, working to bring innovative solutions to solve real data issues.

As Head of Technical Sales for Iron Mountain, John defines and drives Iron Mountain’s Cloud Data Management solutions. He also recommends and defines the strategy for Data Management products and services based on customer interactions.

Prior to Iron Mountain, John held several roles as a Sales Manager and, most recently, as a Data Protection Specialist.
Ransomware – Define, Protect and Detect

The ‘Wannacrypt’ virus attack that made headlines this week by infecting over 200,000 machines globally and crippling the NHS among other organisations. Ransomware emerged in 2013 with the infamous Crytolocker virus. Since then it has grown to include many new variants and strains.

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Outages and the cloud – what does responsibility mean?

An interesting question has been raised on today’s article from Channel Web. Doug Woodburn asks: Have we become over-reliant on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? With this weekend’s five-hour outage on it’s S3 storage platform allegedly (according to the media) killing  both digital business services and consumer offerings like music services, crowd sourcing […]

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Evaluating Your Storage Options: Tape or Cloud

Over the past few years or so, data protection has trended towards the Cloud. But that doesn’t mean tape is dead—far from it. Today’s forward-thinking organisations needs to evaluate the risks, long-term costs and the respective strength and weaknesses of both tape and Cloud to decide which option better addresses […]

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4 Things to Remember When Securing Your Enterprise IT

Security and data breaches continue to hit the IT news streams this week. Classified data on Scorpene submarines has made its way into the public domain –putting the national security of a number of nations at risk. Ransomware is making headlines, as well. Trend Micro reports that in the first […]

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Disposing of IT Assets: How Not to Have Your Information Stolen on eBay

Some organisations dispose of their IT assets by recycling what they can and discarding the rest. For others, the process involves reselling parts that still hold some market value. And although today’s IT disposition industry claims to have a strong focus on compliance, governance and security, there are still several […]

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