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John Woolley John Woolley
Head of Technical Sales at Iron Mountain

John is a sales and marketing leader with over 20 years of experience within the IT industry. For the last 10 years, John has been an evangelist for data centre virtualization and data management, working to bring innovative solutions to solve real data issues.

As Head of Technical Sales for Iron Mountain, John defines and drives Iron Mountain’s Cloud Data Management solutions. He also recommends and defines the strategy for Data Management products and services based on customer interactions.

Prior to Iron Mountain, John held several roles as a Sales Manager and, most recently, as a Data Protection Specialist.
Urgent vs. Important: Balancing Your Disaster Recovery Budget

Gone are the days that we would use tape to bring IT systems back from a disaster. Cloud-based architecture makes the process simple and fast. Unfortunately, while complexity has decreased, cost has not. Having no plan is not an option. The question instead has become: “How do I streamline my […]

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Mergers and Acquisitions: What to Do With Those Legacy Tapes

Recently, I met with a customer whose business model incorporated an aggressive M&A strategy. This company had the integration process down to a science. As a result, they showed consistently strong growth from this part of their business; however, they frequently faced a challenge accessing and maintaining backup data from […]

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How to Stop Managing Legacy Backup Tapes

The story is a common one. A company starts with a tape backup infrastructure because it’s inexpensive or otherwise meets business requirements.  Over time, the organisation evolves and eventually outgrows this infrastructure, forcing it to evaluate alternatives.  The company assesses many options and eventually decides to migrate to a new […]

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Data Protection Series: 5 Steps to Defining Your Retention Policies

I have a strong opinion around why organisations continue to store so much unstructured data. Many IT professionals simply do not have the time to wade through best practises for retention, nor are they given a solid steer by the business itself—unless there has been significant investment in a compliance […]

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Data Protection Series: 5 Things Your IT Team Needs to Know about Data Privacy

With the onset of new data privacy laws being put in place across Europe and the U.S., it can be tempting as an IT manager to let it all go over your head. After all, what does that litigation have to do with you and your company? In short, a […]

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