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Phil Greenwood Phil Greenwood
Phil Greenwood is Country Managing Director & Commercial Director at Iron Mountain responsible for delivering information and records management solutions into the UK's largest Public, Private and NHS customers.

Phil directs and runs specialist sector teams aligned to the sector specific requirements of Iron Mountain's clients. These requirements demand innovative solutions that deliver compliance and governance as well as efficiency and cost cutting in order to transform business results and improve the way organisations use their information.

Phil has over 10 years' experience working with UK and International records management. He is involved with the UK Information and Records Management Society. Phil has worked within service delivery and customer facing roles, as well as in general management roles within the outsourcing and information management industries. Legally qualified, Phil has also spent time as a fee earner within law firms and has a strong understanding of the way that information and services drive the core business of client organisations.
Risk Management
Six Steps to Get Information Security Right

Information security isn’t something that’s just nice to have. It’s a business imperative. In a previous post, we looked at some of the catastrophic consequences of failing to address this critical issue. Now we’ll identify six steps you can take to develop a coherent strategy that minimises your information risk. […]

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The Cost of Ignoring Information Risk

Why you need to minimise your exposure It’s difficult to put a precise figure on information risk, but that doesn’t mean you should give it lower priority than other, more quantifiable threats. The reason is simple – the consequences of an information catastrophe can cost you millions and damage your […]

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Getting It Right from the Start-How To Plan, Execute and Benefit from a Digitising Programme

Success in records and information management takes planning, organisation and a strategy for taking control of your migration from physical to digital media. Done well, it will help your organisation limit information risk, manage costs and lay the foundation for big data analytics. Here are the six steps towards successful […]

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Simplify the Physical to Digital Process

How do I gain access to my information to extract maximum value? Information is essential to business. Extracting maximum value from your information means getting the right information to the right place fast, with minimal effort, total accuracy and no compromise to security. Achieve this, and you will gain competitive […]

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Information and the public sector: the squeeze on talent

A financial constraints change the face of public services, it’s become more difficult to retain and develop people with the skills and drive to deliver information transformation. In a recent survey by Iron Mountain nine out of ten respondents indicated that cost cutting had resulted in the loss of valuable […]

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