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Phil Greenwood Phil Greenwood
Phil Greenwood is Country Managing Director & Commercial Director at Iron Mountain responsible for delivering information and records management solutions into the UK's largest Public, Private and NHS customers.

Phil directs and runs specialist sector teams aligned to the sector specific requirements of Iron Mountain's clients. These requirements demand innovative solutions that deliver compliance and governance as well as efficiency and cost cutting in order to transform business results and improve the way organisations use their information.

Phil has over 10 years' experience working with UK and International records management. He is involved with the UK Information and Records Management Society. Phil has worked within service delivery and customer facing roles, as well as in general management roles within the outsourcing and information management industries. Legally qualified, Phil has also spent time as a fee earner within law firms and has a strong understanding of the way that information and services drive the core business of client organisations.
How is the public sector responding to records and information management challenges?

Records and information management in the UK’s public sector is going through a period of profound and far-reaching change. Several factors are contributing to the change: Changing technology. An increasingly digital population. Demands for greater transparency and easier access to information. A need for accountability and compliance. The 20-year rule. […]

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Take it to the top: How you can promote information responsibility in your business

Information responsibility belongs to everyone in your organisation: from the CEO and the CIO to sales people, customer service reprentatives, HR professionals and even work-placement students joining temporarily to gain experience. Systems and processes are essential for good information management. And, organisations should invest in the resources that will help […]

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Take it to the top: three reasons your business should digitise.

Getting business processes right can increase efficiency and productivity. Paper can be part of the problem; it’s easy to mislay, bulky to store and difficult to share. Intelligent scanning can help you process and manage information rapidly and accurately. To present a successful business case for digitising that will make […]

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Seven steps to information management success – how to catch-up with the front runners

With the volume and velocity of business information showing no signs of abating, it will be those businesses who understand the field and have a clearly defined strategy to get to the front who will manage information risk in a way that will allow them to realise the rewards of information […]

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Whose risk is it anyway? – nurturing a culture of shared responsibility

Discharging appropriate responsibility for information management within a business is critical to reducing risk and gaining competitive advantage. However, as the volume and complexity of information moving into and out of a business grows, so too does the responsibility placed on those impact charged with looking after it. Traditionally, ultimate […]

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