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Phil Greenwood Phil Greenwood
Phil Greenwood is Country Managing Director & Commercial Director at Iron Mountain responsible for delivering information and records management solutions into the UK's largest Public, Private and NHS customers.

Phil directs and runs specialist sector teams aligned to the sector specific requirements of Iron Mountain's clients. These requirements demand innovative solutions that deliver compliance and governance as well as efficiency and cost cutting in order to transform business results and improve the way organisations use their information.

Phil has over 10 years' experience working with UK and International records management. He is involved with the UK Information and Records Management Society. Phil has worked within service delivery and customer facing roles, as well as in general management roles within the outsourcing and information management industries. Legally qualified, Phil has also spent time as a fee earner within law firms and has a strong understanding of the way that information and services drive the core business of client organisations.
Information Value
Unlocking the full value of your information assets

With almost three quarters of mid-market businesses (72 per cent) treating information as a business asset, it is clear that awareness of the value information can bring to an organisation is high. Yet, because they focus primarily on protecting it, many businesses fall short of unlocking the full value of […]

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Bridging the commitment-action gap

Today, businesses are largely aware of the information risks they face. Indeed, we have seen information risk awareness grow significantly over the past few years. This growth is probably consequence of the adverse publicity surrounding data leaks, the growing fines imposed on organisations that fail to hold personal information safe, […]

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The unsung hero on the #infosec front line

Information access and insight are the business enablers of our time. Giving the right people access to the right information is key to driving business value. But it’s not easy. Let’s be perfectly clear: managing how information flows in and out of today’s businesses is hard and the complexity of […]

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Are you running fast enough to beat information risk?

Whatever your business size or industry, the information you hold is one of your most valuable assets. But whether you like it or not, senior management may (unwittingly) be moving too slowly to tackle information risk. This is largely due to the sheer variety, volume and velocity associated with today’s flow of […]

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Profiles of the past: How a literate army left a First World War record that’s accessible today

In the WW1 centenary edition of Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks’ novel of the First World War, the introduction talks about the absence of literary and cinematic references to the plight of the rank-and-file WW1 soldier. The author’s argument is that, with some notable exceptions such as R. C. Sheriff’s Journeys End, […]

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