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Thom Langford Thom Langford
Thom is a highly qualified information security specialist with a proven track record of leading globally diverse teams and successfully implementing information security programmes, IT services, infrastructure, procedures and projects across multiple geographies and cultures.

Currently, Thom is the Director of Security Risk Management in Sapient’s Global Security Office, responsible for highlighting and advising on delivery, compliance and industry security risks across North America, Europe and India.

Thom speaks frequently at conferences and is a regular blogger. He won the award for Best Personal Security Blog at the 2013 European Security Bloggers Awards..

As well as information security, Thom’s specialities include compliance; risk management; IT governance; incident management; IT service & support; global operations; international team building; help desk support management; facilities management, and office design, build & relocation.

Thom can be found at www.thomlangford.com and on twitter @thomlangford.
Information Risk
The art of doing nothing: risk acceptance should be your most considered risk-avoidance strategy

The very term “risk” can make people feel uncomfortable, with its connotations of bad things happening and the threat that if risk is not minimized or removed then life (or business) may well just become too dangerous to carry on. Crossing the road is risky, especially if you live in […]

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