IT Equipment Destruction

More Rubbish, Less Security: e-Waste Continues to Pile Up

Electronic waste (e-waste), also known as Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEEs), is a growing global problem, with growth charted at 3-5% per year. A recent research paper, ‘Recycling of WEEEs: an economic assessment of present and future e-waste streams,’ addresses this critical issue; the challenges it brings and […]

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Why finding the right vendor for secure IT asset disposal is so important

Introducing Richard Mcllwaine-Biggins, Chairman, Secure Data Destruction Division of the Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) When you sit down and Google IT or PC destruction, some 600 businesses will appear. How do you know which to contact and which to avoid? When companies decommission PCs, they usually have a project […]

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