World Paper Free Day

World Paper Free Day – Are You a Hoarder or a Purger?

‘Paper free’ has been a buzz word for around thirty years now[i]. It’s a phrase that conjures up images of businesses with decluttered and contemporary offices, or people who live minimalistic and entirely modern lives. Lives where all files are digital, where in-trays are banned and where bank statements, bills […]

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Three steps to celebrating World Paper Free Day

Streamline Your Business on 6 November Today is World Paper Free Day, although judging by the results of a recent survey conducted by AIMM, it won’t feel like that to many. Nearly a third of respondents still describe their offices as piled high with paper and bogged down with paper […]

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What are your plans for World Paper Free Day?

  Why Your Business Should get Ready for November 6 Despite the clean minimalist images of office life that grace the pages of architectural and business magazines, the reality for many is that paper retains a strangle-hold not only on their desks, but also on the way they do their […]

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